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MetaPACS Series 3 is principally intended for multi-hospital groups that need to provide continuous care to a percentage of their patients who may travel, relocate, or access healthcare services at multiple facilities. These patients' medical records must be available at whichever point of care they may arrive in at any unpredictable time, and available rapidly to promote a fast response, such as in emergency care or stroke center applications. This capability is in addition to providing rapid access to medical records for the remainder of their patients, who may be characterized as those patients who, over long periods of time, only access care at one facility.


The Series 3 MetaPACS solutions provide for scnearios where millions of patient records, populated with images and other information, will be rapidly accessed by tens of thousands of care givers and affiliated personnel over a short period of time. These care givers and affiliates may be located anywhere, and engaged in providing a high quality of care to those patients that are seen in multiple facilities. Additionally, medical record access for the rest of the patient population is provided at the same quality and at the same high speed.


The Series 3 MetaPACS solutions unify the availability of medical records in all of your care facilties by building on a strong foundation of fast and self-healing netowrks, strong and adaptive security, and Meta Fusion's fault-tolerance architectures and practices. The benefits of this foundation include the assurance that when connections between your hospitals break and ISPs suffer outages, your networks will recover and continue to operate, as will your business. The benefits include the confidence that your privacy practices will be protected to the extent possible when care is provided outside your walls, because of our strong security solutions, distributed access control and extensive tracking of access to medical records for accountability. The benefits also include the certitude that if a disaster impairs some or all of your information systems, your MetaPACS service will recover and continue to operate, keeping your business operational, all because of our fault-tolerant architectures and practices.









  • MetaStore A6622
  • MetaArchive II enterprise archive
  • MetaWorld I on-line archive service
  • MetaProxy 2000 edge server
  • MetaNetwork - for imaging
  • Security solutions
  • Compliance solutions



PACS for a medium-sized healthcare facility

PACS and teleradiology for a 3 hospital group with 4 locations

PACS and RIS for a 19-hospital healthcare group


Integrated PACS and Physician portal for a 3 hospital group





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