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Your organization will benefit by choosing Meta Fusion's network solutions. We have a suitcase full of networking knowledge and experience to assist you, so don't start your networking journey without us.


We provide custom imaging and rich media networks that are very secure and can scale to interconnect multiple facilities and numerous remote users, and which we can blend and integrate with your existing infrastructure. We also help you enhance your existing network and infrastructure to create a better solution to suit your needs. The benefits to you include greater efficiency because you spend less time waiting for images to arrive, and you don't lose rich media frames and data that take away quality from the experience. The benefits to you also include saving money where you don't need to spend it, by crafting your network infrastructure to do enough for now, with room to spare for tomorrow's changes in needs. You also gain more assurance that you have in place a network that helps you uphold your standards for patient information privacy under HIPAA.


Your network is the "electronic spinal chord" of your business. You normally don't even know it's there, but when it goes down, then many of your critical functions stop and only then you are reminded of its importance. We make networks reliable, so you don't have to think about them.


Relying on our networking solutions and services will enhance your efficiency and provide more capabilities that you can then translate to productivity and profitability. We give you these efficiencies and capabilities by making your network affordably carry more information, more efficiently more quickly, more reliably and more safely. More of your staff will become capable of doing more work in a day, and able to access more capabilities and resources, just because your network is now able to support them and to offer them more. By giving yourself the benefit of our network solutins and services, you improve your staff's quality of work and output, while growing the profile of your organization, and increasing its attractiveness as a desirable workplace.


Your staff and affiliates can gain conveniences and efficiencies when our networks reach into their homes and remote offices and securely and speedily connect them so that they can continue to provide a high quality of patient care wherever they are. This provides them the benefit of more free time and eliminates wasteful and repetitive activities, and for your business, this translates to a quicker turnaround and faster resolution of patient problems and greater satisfaction of your staff and affiliates.


The network offerings from Meta Fusion combine leading products from a list of select manufacturers to provide you with turnkey and point solutions according to your needs. We pride ourselves in delivering the world class quality and effectiveness that you can build on, and characteristics that you can rely on to serve you as your staff, affliates, technologies and business grow.


If you do not have a full complement of networking skills and experience, the risks and costs associated with your design and planning of a network and its subsequent modifications and re-designs and troubleshooting can be reduced by selecting our netowkr solutions and services to help you more efficiently and most cost-effectively deliver your netowrk, and save frustration and avoid morale issues with your staff. If you do not have a full complement of security skills and experience, then rely on our security solutions that are inherently part of our network solutions, and additional compliance solutions that are designed to seamlessly be integrated with our networks, so that you further add value and quality to your organization, while controlling cost and improving efficiency and timeliness of your netwok delivery.


With the rapid growth of mobile access, our network solutions enable for your organization and affiliated personnel the freedom and capabilities of today's mobile technologies, while providing them a high standard of security, and for you confidence that a wireless network that is visible to anyone, and highly prone to intrusion and attacks, is maintained and operated consistently with your privacy policies under HIPAA.


You may be at one end of the spectrum with millions of dollars invested in your multi-site enterprise network, or at the other end of the spectrum with no network implemented, or somewhere in-between. Perhaps you have a comprehensive IS strategy which has planned out your existing network and its evolution, and is on track with budget, governance and capacity goals. Or you may be a reactive demand-driven organization with no IS department, evaluating and implementing as you go, within the limits of available information and resources. Wherever you are between the two ends of this spectrum, we offer solutions and ideas to help you realize and enhance your goals.


We are ready with our suitcase full of networking knowledge and experience to assist you in every way that adds value to your business and your ownership of our products and solutions, so don't start your networking journey without us.





MetaNetworks for imaging

Networks for enhancing the secure delivery of images and rich-media




MetaStrand solutions

Link-load-balanced and VPN-load-balanced secure fault-tolerant connections












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