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Meta Fusion provides Link-load-balanced and VPN-load-balanced secure fault-tolerant connections between your facilities and the internet. The benefit to you includes the assurance that your care-providers located in their offices and their homes do not lose their connectivity wih your facilities if your internet connection goes down, because our MetaStrand solutions automatically distribute the traffic to other internet connections. Similarly, your facilities will not lose connectivity between one another. Your staff and affiliates located inside the hospitals will be able to continuously access services available at a distance and over the internet.


While you may be ordinarily accustomed to having one or more T-1 lines connecting your facility with other locations and with the internet, our MetaStrand solutions have the benefit that you can aggregate inexpensive high-speed DSL lines from different ISPs to build a fault-tolerant high-throughput connection to the internet, which has the benefit of giving you higher performance at a lower cost than using T-1 lines. And statistically, you achieve the same reliability as a T-1 line, at a lower cost. In some applications, by aggregating DSL lines, an effective throughput comparable to a DS-3 line may be achieved at a fraction of the cost.


Your point-to-point T-1s can also be replaced by a MetaStrand solution with VPN connectivity, which saves you expense and statistically achieves the same degree of privacy and security as a point-to-point T-1 line wired through your phone company and managed by your ISP. This degree of security is achievable over the very non-secure internet because a VPN encapsulates and encrypts the information that you send between two points using cipher systems that would take a super-computer a very very long time to crack. So your information flows between VPN endpoints securely, because even if someone intercepts your traffic, they would not be able to read or understand it. In this way, your traffic can be sent over the non-secure information super-highway and be kept entirely confidential, in conformity with the standards of privacy that you have set for your organization in compliance with HIPAA.


We have been using link-load balanced DSL lines for several years and finally one manufacturer (Cisco) has produced an inexpensive link-load balancer network device, which load balances 8+ DSL lines. Thus what was a difficult technical problem is now finding its way into the mainstream, and this should provide you with further assurance that this approach is an emerging and desirable solution for your organization's connectivity. While our MetaStrand solutions use more proven enterprise strength devices compared with this new and fast-improving product line, the VPN load balancing is still not a function integrated by any network device at this level. Meta Fusion has experience and competence in the area of VPN and firewall load balancing, and we bring this expertize and experience to serve your benefit when we deploy our MetaStrand solutions into your facilities. The benefit to you is that we ensure that both your connectivity and your security are fault-tolerant,and your operations can continue in the event of the loss of one or more DSL lines or VPNs


Meta Fusion's PACS components incorporate mechanisms that allow them to be able to work securely with a MetaStrand solution deployed in a remote facility . Each Meta Fusion PACS component can maintain secure tunnels with a single VPN at a remote location even if the rmote location uses different paths and different IP addresses each time that it sends out information. This is technically difficult task because VPNs expect the IP address at the remote location not to change. The benefit to you is that if you use our PACS components, you will be able to use link-load-balanced inexpensive DSL lines to securely maintain connections and exchange information continuously between your facilities, and between your facilities and your care-providers in their offices and in their homes.


And before you think that we want to eliminate the world of T-1 and T-3 lines, these services provide even higher reliability when used with our MetaStrand solutions, but at a higher cost to you. Combining internet services and providers can achieve the highest degree of relaibility by accounting for maintenance and human factors. Our MetaStrand solutions can combine DSL connectivity, with T-1s and with satellite internet and cable-modem internet and microwave internet access, and switch between them based on which is the most responsive, to provide you with the fastest flow of your information.


For more information, and the suitability of our MetaStrand solutions to your needs, please contact us.








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