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Meta Fusion provides customized imaging networks to better fit your organization's needs.


Our series 2000 medical imaging networks are intended for hospitals and healthcare facilities with one or more physical locations or buildings, collaborating with one or more hospitals or healthcare facilities. These networks can scale cost-effectively to securely support thousands of internal users and thousands of remote users.


Meta Fusion's imaging networks provide optimal architectures, technologies, configurations and best industry practices for your digital imaging and rich media needs. You will be able to smoothly cope with the increasing volumes of images and rich media content and applications inside and outside your organization. You will also provide for the timeliness and prioritized flow of images to your users according to priority and criticality of care so that on a busy day, your critical care flow of images and rich media content gets adaptive priority over less critical image deliveries.


Your entire organization and the variety of imaging services and functions dependent on your network(s) can be supported, on infrastructure realized by a company with a distinguished pedigree in networking and netowrk technologies.


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CASE STUDY: Three hospital group unified imaging network

CASE STUDY: Collaborative rich-media network

CASE STUDY: Distributed neuro-imaging network





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