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Meta Fusion provides strong security solutions for your medical information networks, which include networks that carry medical images and rich media information. Rich media information includes such things as streamed video for cancer research collaborations and collaborative/conferencing applications traffic and IP services traffic that may combine voice with files with video for a medical application. The benefits we bring include the assurance that your networks will continue to operate acording to its intended performance despite attacks, intrusion attempts and non-conformant uses, each of which can impair your networks and cause them to break down temporarily, slowing down or halting your operations.


By means of securely connecting you with your many remote users, we protect you against the unintentional publication of private medical information, while ensuring that your images and rich media traffic flow at a sustained high speed. Maintaing this high throughput while securing your connections maintains your productivity.


Our security solutions provide a high level of assurance to multiple hospitals that need to inter-communicate medical information as part of providing care to patients who seek care in multiple facilities. By allowing your healthcare facility to add other hospitals to its trusted list of collaborators and granting each them controlled monitored access, our security ensures a very clear demarkation line between the transfer of responsibility for safeguarding a patient's privacy, limiting your liability under HIPAA for a collaborator's non-compliance incident.










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