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The MetaStore A6622 is a fault-tolerant DICOM and EMR store. It comes with a minimum 6 Terrabytes of primary high-performance on-line storage. This highly reliable store comes with multi-network connectivity for ease of access from anywhere, protected by world-class security. Meta Fusion's advanced fault-tolerance architecture makes the MetaStore A6622 an expandible on-line store that provides the raw materials for a 5-9 rating in availability. Meta Fusion brings the best practices from the real-time on-line information systems industry to your healthcare facility for uninterrupted operation of your routine and life-critical business.


The MetaStore A6622 begins life with our standard internal redundancy index value of 3+3 and extenal redundancy index value of 1+1, and is configured by default to run two autonomous storage service. The MetaStore A6622 provides excellent value as the DICOM image store for your PACS image distribution and archive needs. Due to its high reliability and quality, no maintenance is needed by your staff, and the MetaStore can be operated as a zero-mainenance image repository, accepting studies from diverse modalities so that you can use all of your imaging equipment with your PACS. Meta Fusion's support and rapid response is included in your ownership of this enterprise-class system, so we do everything that is needed to routinely maintain and keep an eye on your MetaStore.


If you are primarily cost-driven, the MetaStore is designed to reliably support multiple facilities and multitudes of user accounts, which gives you the benefit of being able to share your MetaStore to run more than one facility, and to be able to add user accounts as your reliance on PACS grows. Tthe Meta Fusion PACS architecture requires that our PACS components be capable of precision collaboration without being limited by geographic location. Thus, your MetaStore can in principle reside anywhere and collaborate with other Meta Fusion systems. This gives you the added benefit that if you deploy other MetaStores in your other facilities, they will be able to exchange information so that patients moving between your facilities can be treated with access to their patient file and patient history, including image information previously acquired at a different facility than the one the patient is being treated in. A desirable PACS deployment scenario would provide one MetaStore into each of your facilities, and set permissions on the parameters for the sharing of information between the MetaStores.


Meta Fusion suggests that you consider a hybrid approach to deployment of your PACS, consisting of a MetaStore deployment into your facility, and a MetaArchive deployment in one of our facilities. This combination provides you with an enterprise archive that will store yor medical information for at least the legal minimum period of years, while we maintain the archive for you. Your MetaStore acts as your primary high-speed store and can be sized to keep as many months worth of medical information as may best suit your facility. This combination of a local MetaStore and a remote MetaArchive provides for disaster recovery, and helps substantially your conformance with HIPAA, and other privacy regulations. Note that this is not the only optimal configuration.


The deployment of the MetaStore can be carefully tuned to take into account your network infrastructure and topology, including throughput, usage, and existing security. Meta Fusion's network services evaluates your network prior to installation of your MetaStore and compensates for your network and your security limitations to the extent possible. Meta Fusion recommends the deployment of our MetaNetwork imaging networks for your PACS, teleradiology and infrastructure needs because of the benefits that our networks provide and the problems that they inherently solve. Meta Fusion also recommends our other PACS componentss that help you implement best practices in enterprise resource use and management and limit your expenses. For example, the MetaProxy product line provides your network with edge storage elements used for securely caching images, thus offering a way of reducing network traffic on certain network segments, such as those without a fiber back-bone, when many users on those segments request images from the primary MetaStore. The MetaProxy appiance can also speed up the delivery of images to care providers.


At the heart of the MetaStore A6622 is Meta Fusion's proprietary fault-tolerance recipe that is derived from our experience in building systems that are located in remote locations and designed to be used reliably by millions of users daily over the internet. The benefit this brings to you is the assurance that our systems will run continously and that your staff and affiliates will have access to medical information from any where and from everywhere, at any time and every time. Unlike the industry norms, the Meta Fusion PACS components do not just rely for their reliable operation on "RAID" and developments in the storage industry or on symmetric load balanced server farms. Instead, Meta Fusion's PACS components are inspired by an architecture that builds on detailed analyses and models of faults, failures and disasters, and includes accounting for non-conformant behavior of components, subsystems and inetgrated systems under stress and also in extreme conditions, conditions that have a low probability of occurence in normal use. By using our proven experience and know-how, and by not limiting our focus and our models to hardware unreliability, and software bugs and common failure modes, but also including edge case, processes, integration risks, business practices and human errors, we provide you with a superior and high quality product. We add other proprietary ingredients to the mix for even better results. The MetaStore family embodies these approaches and these advantages.


The MetaStore products are designed for various grades of hostile environments. As a rule, MetaStores expect electronic attacks and attempts at unauthorized access. Just because you may be a healthcare provider that helps people does not protect you from malicious attacks on the information super-highway. Your systems have to be secure and attack-hardened, including automatic responses to certain intrusions to control the impact of aggressive attackers These security designs and technologies are well-suited to HIPAA, and the MetaStore family is able to provide these benefits to your business.


TheMetaStore product family is available internationally and conforms with ISO 13485:2003 and 21 CFR 808, 812, 820 CGMP and QSR and with other applicable regulations.








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