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The MetaProxy R5-1 is a small footprint dependable mini-PACS appliance with approximately one (1) terrabyte of RAID-5 primary storage space for your images and medical information.


The MetaProxy R5-1 provides you an affordable DICOM image store that can accept images from all of your DICOM modalities, and then distribute them to their intended recipients from a central location, allowing your care-providers to access their images conveniently.


The MetaProxy R5-1 is easy to configure and easy to use. Mate Fusion pre-configures your MetaProxy R5-1, and you simply attach power and your network, and your mini-PACS is on-line and ready to use. Using a simple-to-use control panel, you can configure various features and conveniences for your optimal workflow, and set storage management criteria that will do the storage administration for you. Meta Fusion's Control Center remotely keeps an eye on your MetaProxy R5-1, and deals with any events or issues that may need attention, and keeps the Meta Proxy software package up-to-date with our advances. In this way, your MetaProxy R5-1 becomes a zero-maintenance self-updating mini-PACS appliance that will give you dependable continuous service without need for your staff to perform any maintenance or upgrades.


The MetaProxy R5-1 comes with RAID-5. It is a high quality product that gets its dependability from the selection and proper combination of the right components and attention to quality and to detail. The disk redundancy provided by the RAID-5 configuration of disks provides an incremental benefit to reliability & availability. A MetaProxy R5-1 uses a modiified enterprise Linux operating system and incorporates Meta Fusion's fault-tolerance know-how, and the benefit to you is that this appliance can run for months at a time without need for maintenance, as verified by our quality verification procedures. As the appliance incorporates Meta Fusion's collaboration protocols, it can be made to inter-operate with Meta Fusion's high-end image stores and archives to provide you with medical information retention for a period of years, in compliance with applicable regulations in your country and jurisdiction.


Using a number of fault models, failure analyses and ISO 14971 Fault-tree and FEMA analyses, the Meta Fusion fault-tolerance kernel and the combination of the MetaProxy R5-1 with any one of the other Meta Fusion PACS components provides a degree of high-availability exceeding those of PACS solutions currently offered commercially.


The MetaProxy R5-1 is a versatile appliance as it combines the features of a full mini-PACS with the features of a proxy or edge server. A proxy server can be thought of as a device used to provide information efficiently and quickly to a group of users without congesting networks. This versatility provides the MetaProxy R5-1 with the capability of being easily combined with another MetaProxy R5-1 (or two or more) and to provide a high-availability mini-PACS solution, very affordably. The benefit to you is that you can begin with a single MetaProxy R5-1 and grow your very dependable mini-PACS into a high-availability mini-PACS by adding one MetaProxy (or more), or by adding a MetaStore, or a MetaArchive. Or for the greatest convenience, why not combine it with our MetaWorld II pay-per-use on-line archive, so that you do not have any set-up or maintenance tasks related to installing and operating an enterprise archive in your location. With the MetaWorld archive service, you can operate your short-term on-site mini-PACS, and rely on finding older information stored safely in the MetaWorld archive. With these many choices for building a high-availability mini-PACS, your MetaProxy R5-1's versatility provides you with many expansion and growth options. If your needs increase and you evolve your business to having a full MetaPACS, your versatile MetaProxy R5-1 is re-used as a proxy or edge server, improving the performance of your MetaPACS, and you continue to get the benefit of your investment in your dependable mini-PACS appliance.


Your MetaProxy R5-1 comes with a firewall and VPN and is secured by Meta Fusion to ensure continued dependable operation despite events that compromise your networks and security, such as attacks and intrusions. The Meta Fusion security applied tothe MetaProxy R5-1 delivers a hardened appliance that guards the privacy of your medical information to a very high standard of care and effectiveness.


The MetaProxy R5-1 can operate as a VPN endpoint to a link-load-balanced multi-path connection with another PACS, such as a MetaPACS located in a remote hospital connected to the outside world by means of a MetaStrand solution. This provides the benefit of using the MetaProxy R5-1 as a mini-PACS in a remote office or imaging center affiliated with a hospital or health-care facility, and delivering images to their intended destination without needing expensive hardware.


If you are a care-provider that routinely evaluates images as part of routine diagnosis, with a MetaProxy R5-1 applianceinstalled in your office, you can get immediate access to DICOM images scanned at a multiple remote imaging facilities and hospitals over the internet. By eliminating the lack of access or delays in access to patient images, a neurosurgeon, or an orthopedic surgeon, or a urologist, or a cadiac surgeon with 100 patients per month will be able to read 100 previously unavailable studies that would yield an average of $6000 in revenue, revenue that is otherwise lost due to lack of availability of images. With the MetaProxy R5-1 installed, images can be rapidly delivered to your office for reading or review shortly after their acquisition.


The MetaProxy product family is available internationally and conforms with ISO 13485:2003 and 21 CFR 808, 812, 820 CGMP and QSR and with other applicable regulations.










Standalone DICOM server for small imaging clinic

Six small imaging centers connected and archiving images with one MetaProxy R5-1

Low cost image server for a night-hawk service using two MetaProxy R5-1s in a high-availability configuration


Making images flow where they are needed with MetaProxy R5-1





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